Korean netizens are outraged as Seo Ye Ji announced her participation in a new drama

Seo Ye Ji continues to get hate after announcing her participation in a new project following her serious gaslighting scandal.

A number of Korean publications recently reported that actress Seo Ye Ji had been invited to join in a tvN drama production. This might be the first indication that the actress would return following the controversy involving her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun, which made a stir in the first half of 2021. In reaction to the reports, Seo Ye Ji’s management firm said that the actress is in discussions to play the lead role in Eve’s Scandal.

Despite the fact that she has not officially confirmed her comeback, Seo Ye Ji has become a “target” of netizens. A series of malicious comments aimed at her appeared on SNS. Based on these reactions, it seems that Seo Ye Ji’s road to comeback is still extremely arduous and challenging.

  • Please keep resting.
  • I’m curious who she paid to acquire the role at such a delicate time. There are so many talented actresses like her, so why…?
  • No one will watch this movie.
  • Face can be fixed, but personality can’t.
  • Who had invited Seo Ye Ji? Have you lost your mind?
  • There are many actresses who are more beautiful and talented than her.
  • The station is making a huge mistake.

Eve’s Scandal is a K-Drama about a conglomerate family’s ₩2.00 trillion KRW (about $1.73 billion USD) divorce lawsuit that will turn Korea upside down. Seo Ye Ji would play the role of Lee Ra El, a character born to a genius father and a beautiful mother, but transformed into a “dangerous flower” with deadly charms due to her family’s unfortunate history. She is also at the center of the aforementioned ₩2.00 trillion KRW (about $1.73 billion USD) divorce lawsuit.

seo ye ji

Eve’s Scandal has no official filming schedule yet.

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