Girl Group Member Shares Underwear Theft Incident, Even Called the Police

A former girl group member draws attention by revealing that her underwear was stolen

Former member of the Japanese idol group AKB46, Shizuka Ōya (32), appeared on the radio program ‘Hana Zumi’ on February 17th and revealed that her underwear had been stolen.

Shizuka Ōya said she found out through the front door lock. She said, “You know, there are keys for top and bottom. I kept locking only the top, but one day when I returned home, the bottom was locked too.”

One day, as usual, Shizuka Ōya tried to open the door by unlocking only the top, but the bottom was also locked. Initially, she didn’t think much of it, assuming she had subconsciously locked it.

However, Shizuka Ōya said, “Later, with an uneasy feeling, I made sure to lock only the top and leave, but when I found the bottom also closed, I thought, ‘Someone had entered the room.'”

Shizuka Ōya

Shizuka Ōya, realizing this fact, went with the homeowner and a police officer, but there was no one inside, and it was confirmed that a large number of underwear had disappeared. 

Shizuka Ōya tried to report the incident, but the homeowner, hearing the procedures for reporting, simply told the police, “It’s okay, it’s too much trouble.”

Unable to catch the culprit, Shizuka Ōya personally changed the locks and strengthened the security. Shizuka Ōya reassured worried fans by saying, “I’m fine now.”

Meanwhile, Shizuka Ōya debuted in March 2008 and appeared on various stages of AKB48. She held a graduation performance in December 2021 and ended her activities as an AKB48 member the next day. Currently, she appears on various programs as a broadcaster.

Source: daum

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