RIIZE Fansite Causes Controversy for Photoshopping Wonbin’s Face onto Another Idol’s Body

A recent stir emerged within fans as one of RIIZE fansites photoshopped his image using one of another popular male idol 

The controversial image surfaced when a fansite for RIIZE’s Wonbin posted a promotional poster for the idol’s upcoming birthday event.

Eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed the fansite had used an edited picture of Wonbin at the center of the poster, raising eyebrows.

Surprisingly, the edit was made using another idol’s photo. Fans quickly identified the original photo. Wonbin’s head was edited onto the body of NCT’s Jeno, taken from a concept teaser image of Jeno wearing a hockey uniform during NCT U’s “90’s Love” release back in 2020.

The fansite even went as far as altered the jersey’s lettering, substituting “RIIZE” for “NCT 2020.” 

Responses to this edit caused Wonbin’s fansite to receive criticism from NCT fans, who deemed the fansite’s action disrespectful to Jeno. Given Wonbin’s widely acclaimed visuals and physique, netizens also expressed confusion as to why the fansite would feel the need to edit his face on another idol’s body. 

Source: KrB

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