T-ara Jiyeon & Hwang Jae Gyun’s newlywed house costs 37 billion won? “You need to change the elevator twice”

The newlywed house of Hwang Jae Gyun and T-ara Jiyeon will be revealed on “Free Doctor”.

On May 24th, tvN’s program “Free Doctor”, which is scheduled to air a new episode on the 29th, uploaded a video titled “Inviting you to an online housewarming of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Hwang Jae GyunJiyeon”.


In the released video, the cast members visit various houses and explore their facilities. In particular, the production team hinted that they would reveal the newlywed house of the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Couple Hwang Jae Gyun & Jiyeon, raising viewers’ curiosity.

Oh Sang Jin explains, “This is the house of the newlywed couple Hwang Jae Gyun & Jiyeon”, revealing that its sale price was 37 billion won (around 28 million USD).


The show drew attention by disclosing impressive facilities inside the apartment, such as a spacious training center, an indoor golf course, and a cafeteria.

Oh Sang Jin gets immersed in the high-rise apartment and comments, “There may be a lack of oxygen up there”.


The program then said, “You have to change the elevator twice in this building”, explaining that the house is equipped with thorough security. The expensive German furniture in the house also makes everyone envious. Lee Ji Hye draws laughter as she says, “Isn’t it difficult to get AS (after-sales service)?”, 

“Free Doctor”, featuring stars’ online housewarming, will air at 9 a.m. on May 29th.

Source: Nate

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