The reasons why Kpop fans should not ignore the presence of ATEEZ

ATEEZ rose from a modest company’s boy group to have an outstanding reputation among 4th generation groups.

ATEEZ has officially debuted at No. 42 on the Billboard 200 chart. This boyband sold 665,350 album copies in the first week. ATEEZ’s appeal on the worldwide market is extremely outstanding. Those who have known ATEEZ since 2018 know that success would undoubtedly come to this group one day.

ATEEZ debuted in October 2018 with 2 singles titled “Treasure” and “Pirate King”, which are included in the mini album “TREASURE Ep.1: All to Zero”. At the beginning of 2019, the group released their 2nd mini album “TREASURE Ep.2: Zero to One” and entered the Billboard World Albums chart for the first time.

More surprisingly, after only 6 months of debut, ATEEZ kicked off an international tour in the US (5 spots) and Europe (10 nights) called “2019 Expedition Tour”. All concerts were sold out, proving the scale of ATINY’s fandom has grown continuously. At this time, Billboard once called ATEEZ a “dinosaur rookie” and “will have a lot of potential to explode in the future”. On the eve of the end of the world tour, ATEEZ entered Billboard’s Social 50 chart for the first time despite being a rookie.

Talking about the first concerts in the US, member Mingi emotionally shared with Billboard, “It was surprising that there were so many fans on the first night, which brought more excitement than we imagined.”

Also in 2019, ATEEZ released the album “Wonderland” and debuted at #7 on the World Digital Song Sales chart. Other products of the group also continuously entered the World Albums chart such as “Treasure EP.Fin: All To Action” (No. 7), “Treasure EP.2: Zero to One” (No. 5), “Treasure EP.3: One to All” (No. 8).

Since the outbreak of the disease in 2020, it has become a big obstacle for a group with such international popularity as ATEEZ. The group has overcome it by continuing to work hard to launch new products, participate in online performance events, participate in the program “Kingdom” to increase awareness, becoming the 2020 Korean Culture Promotion Representative. ..

ATEEZ’s album sales “Zero: Fever. Part 3” achieved 810,000 pre-orders in September 2021, making it the album with the most pre-orders in the group’s career to that time. The aforementioned achievement demonstrates that ATEEZ’s attractiveness has not only not been decreased as a result of the pandemic but has actually risen considerably.

The key to ATEEZ’s success in the early years of their career may be linked to their prolific activities, consistent comebacks, significant investment in music products, and passionate performances.

Basically, ATEEZ has fulfilled the requirements of the music-loving community with only those factors. Furthermore, each ATEEZ member has their own appeal, a charm that makes you want to join the fandom as soon as you know about them.

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