“My Dearest” Part 2 Beats “The Escape of the Seven”, Solidifying No.1 Position Among Friday-Saturday Dramas

“My Dearest” Part 2 claimed the “King of Friday-Saturday Dramas” throne

According to the viewership rating research company Nielsen Korea on Oct 14th, episode 11 of “My Dearest” Part 2, which aired on Oct 13th, recorded 7.7% nationwide.

This is 4.5% lower than the viewership rating of 12.2% for Part 1 episode 10 (Sep 2nd). Although “My Dearest” Part 2 did not maintain a viewership rating of 10%, it achieved the highest viewership rating among programs broadcast in the same time slot (from 9:42 PM to 11:01 PM), including terrestrial and cable channels.

“My Dearest” made a comeback with Part 2 and immediately rose to the top spot in viewership ratings, proving its popularity.

Accordingly, SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Escape of the Seven”, which aired in the same time slot, conceded the “King of Friday-Saturday Dramas” position to “My Dearest”. Episode 7 of “The Escape of the Seven” recorded a viewership rating of 6.8%, which was 0.5% lower than the previous episode (episode 6).

“My Dearest” returned with Part 2. The heartbreaking romance of the male and female protagonist once again marked the start of ”My Dearest Disease” and ”My Dearest Pain” on the small screen.

Episode 11 of “My Dearest” Part 2 showed Lee Jang-hyun (Namkoong Min) living in China (The Qing Dynasty). Lee Jang-hyun was living as a prisoner hunter alongside Gu-jam (Park Kang-seop) and reunited with Yang-cheon (Choi Moo-sung). At the end of the episode, Yoo Gil-chae (Ahn Eun-jin) and Jong Jong-yi (Park Jung-yeon) were brought to China, foreshadowing their reunion with Lee Jang-hyun.

Source: Daum

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