Even Hollywood stars are BTS V’s fans!

BTS V has proven that his popularity in the United States is no joke.

BTS V‘s appearance on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” has drawn great attention from local fans.

Yahoo.com reported that more than 1 million Twitter users had rushed to the show’s account during BTS‘ performance on the show.  In the performance, the most talked about scene through many social network sites was the moment when V cracked a smile and looked at the crowd. The image of V breathing with a small smile after finishing his performance has put him onto the next level of popularity.

Yahoo also echoed the reactions of local fans, such as “I’m dead already!” and “I can’t believe he’s a human being like us”.

In a recent interview with MTV in the U.S., V revealed that Hollywood stars such as Elle Fanning and Max Minghella were his fans as well; therefore from the reactions of many US stars like so, he admitted that he enjoyed his popularity overseas very well.

Meanwhile, BTS is currently continuing their ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ tour in the U.S, starting from the Los Angeles Staples Center.

Source: Entertainment Naver

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