aespa’s Winter Explained Why Her Gyeongsang-do Accent Got Stronger, “Because Of The Members”

Winter boasted of her intensified accent

In the 410th episode of JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros,” which aired on November 25, aespa appeared as guests, playing students who transferred to Brother School.

In the program, when asked if the group was good at English, Winter said, “I don’t understand English well, but I’m good at pretending to know. I don’t really understand it,” she confessed.

Winter later revealed her accent in Gyeongsang-do dialect, and Kang Ho-dong commented that Winter “had a stronger accent” than the last time when she came to the show.

aespa winter

Winter said, “All the members ask me to speak in my dialect, so I told them ‘I’m going to speak in dialect from now on’ and used more dialect since then.”

Winter then made the cast members laugh by saying a few sentences, which she taught aespa members in her dialect.

Source: daum

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