Dispatch reveals that Seo Ye Jin was Kim Jung Hyun’s ex-girlfriend, who asked the actor to behave rudely to Seohyun

Dispatch reports that Seo Ye Ji is the rumored ex-girlfriend of Kim Jung Hyun

On the morning of April 12, Dispatch reported that Seo Ye Ji was Kim Jung Hyun’s secret ex-girlfriend. The actress was also the one who asked Kim Jung Hyun to minimize the skinship with his female co-star, Seohyun (SNSD) in the drama “Time”.

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The article also publishes the text messages between Seo Yeji and Kim Jung Hyun.  In it, Seo Yeji asked Kim Jung Hyun not to eye-contact or skinship with his co-star or any woman on set.  The actor of  “Mr. Queen” had to swear that he  didn’t even greet the female staff and “only you can touch my hand, I’m your ‘rigid Kim’.”

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Seo Yeji: Mr. Kim. Take off all your skinship.
Kim Jung Hyun: Of course.
Seo Yeji: Why don’t you tell me what you did today?
Kim Jung Hyun: I didn’t even say hello to the female staff today.
Kim Jung Hyun: I nailed director Jang (Junho) once again saying no romance.
Seo Yeji: Okay. He’s good at acting.
Kim Jung Hyun: The script for part nine came out, and I think we need to revise it completely.
Seo Yeji: Good luck with your correction.
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Kim Jung Hyun: Only you can touch my hand.
Seo Yeji: Keep it firm. Whatever. Change it well. No skinship.
Kim Jung Hyun: Of course. Clap! Clap!
Seo Yeji: How are you doing?
Kim Jung Hyun: I didn’t even make eye contact with girls.
Seo Yeji: Change it without romance and without touch.
Kim Jung Hyun: It’s time to shoot Seo Ju Hyun, so guys are talking.
Kim Jung-hyun: I just asked director Jang (Junho) to remove all romance in a logical way

Due to the request from his girlfriend, Kim Jung Hyun told the director that he couldn’t act any romantic scenes, and Seo Yeji was very pleased with the result.

Not only was she jealous of the female lead Seohyun, but Seo Yeji was also jealous of, Eun Chae A. She told her boyfriend if someone else said hello first, just acted annoyed.  She even asked Kim Jung Hyun to secretly send her videos about the situation at the set of ‘Time’.

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Seo Yeji: How did you say hello?
Kim Jung Hyun: I didn’t say hello at all.
Seo Yeji: You’re right not to say hello.
Seo Yeji: If they do it first, just show that you are annoySeo Yeji: How did you say hello?
Kim Jung Hyun: I didn’t say hello at all.
Seo Yeji: You’re right not to say hello.
Seo Yeji: If they do it first, just show that you are annoyed
*Seo Yeji frequently asked for video and voice. Kim Jung Hyun secretly pressed the video button. The camera lens was turned to the floor to take a picture.
Seo Yeji: I feel bad right now. Take a picture of what’s going on. Send it.
Kim Jung Hyun: (Send on-site video)
Seo Yeji: Didn’t you send me the video on set?
Kim Jung Hyun: Inside the set. It was in the studio.

When Kim Jung Hyun received the script, the actor asked for re-editing and sent it to Seo Yeji for checking.  The words the actress used to say were: “Fix it well.  Get rid of all the skinship, there’s no romance at all.”

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Kim Jung Hyun: I’ve been reading the script. I’m not doing anything else.
Seo Yeji: Fix it. No romance.
Seo Yeji: You are happy because of me. So make me happier.
(The same went for other days.)
Kim Jung Hyun: I’m going to read the script.
Seo Yeji: Yes. Fix it well. No skinship, no romance.
Kim Jung-hyun: Sure.

As the result, for the first time in Korean drama history, there was a wedding where the bride and groom did not hold hands – it was a segment of “Time”.

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In the end, Kim Jung Hyun decided to withdraw from the drama.  Writer Choi Ho Chul had to revise the script.  The male lead Suho drowned at the beach while trying to save the female lead Jihyun in episode 12.

Staff 1, present at the filming location, said, “When filming Seohyun’s face, Kim Jung Hyun could not be seen.  Seohyun put her hand on Kim Jung Hyun’s face to find emotion, but Kim Jung Hyun immediately dodged his head.”

Staff 2 angrily shared: “In the middle of the movie, writer Choi Ho Chul suffered from appendicitis and enteritis.  He worked on set with a blood transfusion bag next to him.  Everyone was working desperately just because of Kim Jung Hyun. “

“When Seohyun tried to focus on the scene, he interrupted her.  She was very upset and cried a lot.”

“There was a scene where Seohyun was about to be hit by a car, Kim Jung Hyun said he was going to stop the car with his hand.  Does he think he’s Ironman?  “- the 3rd staff recalled. 

Dispatch concluded, “Kim Jung Hyun has no respect for his career, no respect for his colleagues, staff, and the audience.  Instead, Kim is just trying to be Seo Yeji’s man.”

After Dispatch’s article, Seo Yeji’s agency said that they are verifying the relationship between the two actors.  

The two collaborated on the virtual reality movie “Remembering First Love” in 2017.

Source: Dispatch

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