The rumor that a child actress was expelled from school for being related to Kris Wu is not true

Huang Duo Duo – actor Huang Lei’s daughter – got caught up in rumors of being expelled because her father used to have a relationship with Kris Wu.

Sohu reported this morning (August 7), on SNS suddenly appeared information that the popular international school ISB in Beijing has expelled Huang Ci Yi (real name is Huang Duo Duo) – the daughter of actor Huang Lei.

The reason for this was because Duo Duo was caught dating her boyfriend at the library. The rumor became a hot topic on SN. So far, Duo Duo is a famous child star with outstanding academic performance, impressing with her intelligent and witty personality when participating in the program “Daddy, Where are we going?” Chinese version.

The rumor that a child actress was expelled from school for being related to Kris Wu is not true
Huang Duo Duo and her father Huang Lei on the show “Daddy! Where are we going?”

However, after receiving the above information, ISB International School issued a press release denying the rumors. The school affirmed that Duo Duo is a typical student with many contributions to the school.

The move from the ISB shows that they want to protect this 15-year-old girl from false rumors. This false information has affected the reputation of the school as well as the students themselves and their families.

Netizens believed that these rumors related to Kris Wu – the most scandalous male singer of China.

The reason is that Huang Lei previously participated in the program ‘Back To Field’ with the male singer. At that time, the two were quite close and happy. However, on August 1 and 2, netizens discovered that the actor surnamed Huang had liked 2 posts with the content that Kris Wu was arrested.

On SNS, many people doubted that Kris Wu’s fans were the ones who spread the false rumors. The child star’s parents were also extremely upset. They had reported to the police, hoping the case would be handled thoroughly.

Through this incident, it can be seen that the stars who have collaborated with Kris Wu are implicated in terms of image, prestige and private life. The male singer’s scandal can be said to be the biggest scandal ever happend in showbiz history.

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