Kim Yoo-jung Introduces Item She Has Used For 6 Years, “I Can’t Wear Any Other Ones”

Actress Kim Yoo-jung showed and explained various shopping items she often uses as a professional shopper

On February 22nd, the YouTube channel of the magazine W Korea uploaded a video featuring actress Kim Yoo-jung.

The video unveils several delivery boxes that Kim Yoo-jung recently ordered. The first item was a shower robe. Kim Yoo-jung shared, “I wear it at home or when I get ready to go out. After taking a shower, I do it while wearing a robe”.

Kim Yoo-jung

Regarding the recently ended drama “My Demon”, the actress said, “If I were to think of an episode that’s related to the shower robe… There were a lot of scenes where I was sleeping at home or just staying at home. So I shot a lot of those scenes in pajamas. So Dohee’s pajama look made me want to buy pajama. I got the inspiration from Dohee and bought some pajamas and shower robes recently”.

Recalling the episode, she continued, “I was looking at the pajamas with Guwon, who is my husband in the series, and talking about which pajamas looked nice”, adding “When the shoot goes on for a long time, I got tired, so I was lying in bed and resting there”.

Kim Yoo-jung

Kim Yoo-jung then showed her gist massage slippers. She said, “I’ve been using this for a long time. It’s been 5 or 6 years since I started wearing these. Slippers definitely get dirty easily and they stretch when you’ve been wearing them for a long time. So when they look a bit too dirty or broken, I tend to order a new one”, adding “It’s really useful. I can’t wear any other slippers at home anymore”.

The last item was aromatic oil. The actress said, “This is for putting behind my ears and on my neck before I got to bed. I have one in a spray bottle that I take when I’m going on set”, adding “It’s my routine to use it before I lie down on my bed to go to sleep”.

Source: Naver

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