Lucas Appeared with NCT at Ten’s Fan-con? Will There Be a Reunion?

Former NCT member Lucas allegedly made an appearance alongside several NCT members at the solo fan-con of Ten.

On February 16, Ten, a member of NCT and its unit WayV, held a solo fan-con in Seoul, following the release of his solo-album. 

As SM artists are known to frequently attend each others’ events, it came as no surprise to see fellow NCT members appear at Ten’s solo fan-con. 

In particular, fans spotted Johnny, Jaehyun, and Mark entering the venue before the show started, and the trio later sat together in a seating area. 

However, attention was most drawn to a person sitting next to Jaehyun, who was cladded in a black beanie and face mask. 

From footage showing this person, many fans deduce this to be none other than former NCT and WayV member, Lucas. In addition, the alleged Lucas left the venue at the same time as Johnny, Jaehyun, and Mark.

It is known that Ten also published photos with the 3 NCT members after the fan-con, confirming their appearance. 

On the other hand, Lucas previously left NCT (and WayV) due to his personal controversy. 

He has since been spotted at the concert of SHINee’s Key, and even received a shout-out. In addition, a fan also spotted the male idol hanging out with NCT member WinWin, proving a close relationship with SM and fellow members even after his departure. 

Even now, many fans express regret over Lucas’s departure, and express hope for his reunion with NCT. 

Source: X, Krb

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