Kim Young Dae donated to vulnerable people, “I received so much love, so I wanted to be a helpful person to our society”

Actor Kim Young Dae recently donated to help the vulnerable be economically independence, spreading his good influence.

On December 28th, Kim Young Dae’s agency Outer Korea said in a press release, “Kim Young Dae donated to Big Issue Korea. His donation will be used to support the production of Big Issue’s vocational training experience service for the vulnerable.”

kim young dae

Kim Young Dae, who donated to support the building of group homes for children last year, continues his good deeds by donating through Big Issue Korea this year. 

Big Issue Korea is a nonprofit foundation and social enterprise that publishes Big Issue, a magazine that encourages the self-dependence of the vulnerable. It provides opportunities and supports people from vulnerable groups to live on their own so that no one will be homeless in this society. Regarding Kim Young Dae’s donation this time, Big Issue Korea said, “Thank you for adding great strength to support vulnerable people who are suffering a harder time due to the cold weather following the Covid-19 pandemic. We sincerely hope the good influence of actor Kim Young will be delivered to many people.”

Kim Young-dae

In response, Kim Young Dae said, “As much as the love I received from people, I donated because I wanted to be a helpful person to our society. My donation is not a very large amount, but I hope it will be used in good places”. He added, “In the future, will try harder to become a good person and a good actor. Everyone worked hard this year, and I hope you stay warm at the end of this year.”

Kim Young Dae is currently starring in MBC’s Fri-Sat drama “The Forbidden Marriage” as Lee Heon.

Kim Young Dae The Forbidden Marriage

Source: Daum

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