Yoona, Suzy, IU and the peak of their acting careers in 2022 

This trio are having a colorful 2022 with new drama successes and movie hits. 


Yoona expanded into acting pretty early in her life, in 2007 when she was 17 years old. One year later, in 2008, the idol-turned-actress got her first lead role in the family drama “You Are My Destiny”. While the public deemed her acting to be amateur and she received many backlashes, the series success was still one step further in Yoona’s film career. 

With fame and beauty, Yoona had little struggle getting roles for herself. But it was with this smooth-sailing that the new actress often stumbled across criticism for her acting. The label “bad acting” followed Yoona for almost a decade but the actress did not easily give up. She tried to polish her acting skills to have more profound performances and diversify her roles. She developed one project after another. 

She soon won the favor of the audiences and was also successful early on. Yoona has worked with major actors in the industry such as Hyun Bin in action movie “Confidential Assignment” or Jo Jung Suk in disaster comedy movie “Exit”, which boosted her reputation. 

In 2022, Yoona returns to the small screen with crime series “Big Mouth” and gains immediate attention after a first half of the year without any news. The role fits her neatly, proving that she can pull off new film achievements, better acting performances and greater script choice all at once. After years of struggle in the series department, the actress is getting the spotlight she deserves. 


Suzy started acting in 2011, gaining early attention for her lead role in the musical drama “Dream High” which brought the actress domestic and international fame. While her acting was still instinctive and needed refinement, her reputation was at its peak. Her role as Go Hye Mi opened up new doors for the actress and she became a sought-after name in the industry. 

However, fame was quickly replaced by criticism as the actress almost always received negative comments due to her lack of professional acting background. Her unstable performances were apparent in a range of series such as “Gu Family Book”, “Uncontrollably Fond” or “While You Were Sleeping”, leading to mounting criticism. Despite the action drama “Vagabond” being a success, there are still disputes about Suzy’s acting. It is in 2022, after her 11 years of acting, Suzy finally has her leap and wins the favor of the audience thanks to her acting in “Anna”. The series earns its success because of Suzy’s execution of a psychologically complex character who is morally ambiguous. The show only runs on an online platform, hence, Suzy has a lot of credits for the drama’s accomplishments. 

Suzy looked proud for the first time her acting was praised. The actress is getting overdue recognition after 11 long years in the acting scene. 


Also appearing in “Dream High” but IU was only a minor character. Yet, the actress successfully impressed the audience with her cuteness. However, the singer actress was more devoted to her music career than acting, unlike the  previous idol-turned-actresses. 

Her first leading role was in 2016 period drama “Moon Lovers”, a mark where IU was more focused on her acting career. Nonetheless, when acting alongside Lee Jun Ki or Kang Ha Neul, more experienced actors in the industry, IU struggled and received negative public feedback at first. Fortunately, thanks to her resilience and hard work, her performance was more  polished and the audience was more convinced to stay tuned to the series. 

Slice of Life drama “My Mister” was a fuller watching experience for the audience as IU shows more depth in her role. Fantasy romance drama “Hotel Del Luna” was the turning point for IU’s acting as Jang Man Wol emerged more lively and interesting. After that, IU has not made a return to the small screen and is crossing into the big screen. IU’s film success comes in her appearance at the “Cannes International Film Festival” as an actress competing for awards thanks to her box-office success “Broker”. IU’s performance in “Broker” is extremely good as she does not feel overwhelmed by other major stars in the movie. 

While still young in their career, these actresses have had years of experience under their belt and deserve to be called true actresses. 2022 seems to be a hopeful year for these diligent, hardworking and relentless stars. Congratulations to the actresses for their new-found successes. 

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