A sweet moment between Momo and Jeongyeon during TWICE’s concert performance melts fans’ hearts 

This moment once again shows how amazing the bond between TWICE members is. 

At TWICE’s recent concert, a part of the group’s North American tour, Jeongyeon made a comeback after taking a break from activities to focus on her recovery. Although Jeongyeon’s health is not at its best yet for her to deliver the best performances, fans are still moved by her efforts to go on stage to sing and dance for fans.

During a performance, ONCEs noticed a touching moment between Jeongyeon and Momo. Perhaps due to a long break, Jeongyeon forgot her position on stage, but luckily Momo came to the “rescue”.

During the performance of “Knock Knock” at the concert in Los Angeles, there was a part when Jeongyeon forgot the choreography.  While she was confused and awkwardly looking around, not knowing what to do, Momo quickly held Jeongyeon’s hand and brought her back to her place. After that, Jeongyeon was still not completely remembering the dance, do she turned to look at Momo right next to her.

Even more surprisingly, Momo ran over to hold Jeongyeon’s hand at the same time as the part “comin’ comin’ baby, take my hand” was played in the song. This situation creates an extremely warm scene, making everyone feel warm and moved by TWICE’s close and strong connection.

Jeongyeon was confused at the back, but Momo noticed from afar and ran…
…to take Jeongyeon’s hand and lead her to the right position. This scene is like from a romantic movie
After that, Jeongyeon forgot the dance move and Momo was also right beside to remind her
momo jeongyeon
These two are so sweet!
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