Is NewJeans Influenced by Japanese Culture? Min Hee Jin Praised by K-netizens for Her Answer

Min Hee Jin’s interview in Japan is giving netizens chills with her meticulous answer.

CEO of NewJeans’ label Min Hee Jin recently had an interview in Japan where she was asked, “When looking at the styling of NewJeans, you can feel that it’s solidly updating the ‘Okuhara culture’ and the ‘blue letter culture’ of the 90s. Have you had any experiences with Japanese culture like that?


Min Hee Jin responded, “No. If I were to talk about Japanese culture that I liked, I listen to jazzy songs influenced by the visuals of the 70s and 60s, as well as music in the AOR (Adult Oriented Rock) style, which was influenced by Brazilian styles. I can’t leave out Shibuya-kei style, including Pizzicato Five. I like various genres like French pop, bossa nova, and lounge, which are funky. I also enjoy the films of director Yasujirō Ozu. I really like his unique and straightforward perspective, and his subtle and distinctive shooting style.

A trending post on the online community Pann praises Min Hee Jin’s smart answer. The post reads:

At first glance, it seems like an ordinary interview, but the nuance of the Japanese journalist’s question is, ‘Did NewJeans get influenced by the Japanese culture of the 90s?’


However, Min Hee Jin grasped the intention of the question and firmly replied, ‘No.’

Rather, her subsequent answer seems to praise Japanese culture while subtly delivering a high level of dissension. She’s a genius, isn’t she?

Under this Pann post, other netizens left comments:

  • The otakus are obsessed with Japan, so they spread it around (that NewJeans is influenced by Japan) and talk nonsense among themselves. 
  • I understand why Min Hee Jin is well-known. I hope she continues to succeed.
  • Min Hee Jin seems to have a wide knowledge of music. It seems like she’s not just a visual director, but also the CEO of a music company, so it makes sense that she knows well.
  • She seems to know a lot about music. She says that even NewJeans songs have to be ones she enjoys and fits her taste, but it didn’t seem like the public had the same taste, yet they still liked it. It’s fascinating.
  • I also saw some Japan worshippers claiming that NewJeans’ ETA teaser was imitating a night racing game from the Japanese 90s. Min Hee Jin’s straightforward way of speaking is great.

Source: Pann

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