EXID’s Hani “I had no intention to date Yang Jae Woong in public” 

EXID’s Hani mentioned her relationship with boyfriend Yang Jae Woong, a psychiatrist.

On October 27th, on SBS Power FM’s radio show ‘Two O’Clock Cultwo Show’, special DJ Hwang Chiyeol and guest EXID appeared.  


When a listener said, “Congratulations on starting a romantic relationship publicly,” Hani replied, “I didn’t have the will to be dating in public, it just started.”


Solji, who was next to Hani, further explained, “Their relationship was revealed not voluntarily, but out of intention.”

DJ Kim Tae Gyun asked, “Is it interesting to date a psychiatrist?” and Hwang Chiyeol, “Isn’t he able to guess what you’re thinking?”


Hani said, “People think he knows a lot, but it seems that he has an occupational disease. There are things that (Yang Jae Woong) doesn’t say even if he sees it.” 

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In June, Hani confirmed that she was dating Yang Jae Woong, a psychiatrist who is 10 years older than her.

Source: Daum

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