This celebrity, who divorced after a year of marriage, admits to “dating ♥”

Lee Ha-neul (51) of the group DJ DOC is dating.

This surprise news comes about two years after his divorce news was announced in the past.

According to World Biz & Sports World on Oct 27th, Lee Ha-neul’s agency Super Jam Records said, “Lee Ha-neul is in a relationship. He is cautious because his opponent is a non-celebrity. We would like to ask you to refrain from excessive interest in their personal information,” it said.

Lee Ha-neul

Earlier in the day, the media quoted an entertainment industry insider as saying, “Lee Ha-neul is in a relationship with a non-celebrity girlfriend,” adding, “He even accompanies his girlfriend to the meeting with his acquaintances. Their personalities are so frank and easy-going that they don’t have to hide their relationship at all. They are continuing their normal relationship by going on a fishing trip to Jeju Island together.”

It is known that the two secretly showed off their romantic relationship by appearing with their acquaintances on Lee Ha-neul’s SNS live broadcast and eating together or even naturally holding hands. In addition, Lee Ha-neul admitted his love relationship in a live broadcast with fans on Oct 26th.

Park Yoo-sun Lee Ha-neul

Lee Ha-neul married Park Yoo-sun, who was born in 1988, who he had been dating for 11 years, in 2018. The age difference between the two is 17. However, they soon announced their divorce in 2020 after mutual agreement, about a year after marriage. Since then, he has appeared with his ex-wife on the TV Chosun entertainment show “We Got Divorced.”

Source: wikitree

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