HyunA’s interesting reaction to Dawn’s new song, is it about her?

Netizens expressed that the lyrics of Dawn’s new song remind them of his ex-girlfriend HyunA, who he broke up with after getting engaged.

On April 13th, Dawn released the new single “Dear My Light”, which is his first release since leaving P NATION and joining the new agency, AT AREA.

Regarding this new single, Dawn introduced it by saying, ““I think everyone has a dark side. This song is like a letter to someone who lights up those aspects.”


Meanwhile, shortly after the release of “Dear My Light”, Dawn’s ex-girlfriend, HyunA posted a photo of the new song on her social media. She also added the caption, “I met you when you were at your prettiest and I could endure anything no matter what anyone said. It’s okay, I’m fine.

As a result, netizens who saw both Dawn’s new single and HyunA’s post left comments such as “The lyrics seem to reflect their current situation”, “Feels like a song about parting ways after a breakup”, “Didn’t they get back together?”, “I hope they reunite”,  and “The lyrics seem like they are directed towards HyunA.”


Although HyunA and Dawn received a lot of support for their relationship and even got engaged, the couple announced their breakup in November of last year. However, there have been sightings of the two together after their breakup, fueling rumors of a possible reunion, although neither have officially commented on the matter.

Source: wikitree

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