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Korean netizens enraged over Mnet using controversy of Street Woman Fighter’s Monika to attract attention for their new show

The new teaser of Mnet’s new show, which precedes the male version of “Street Woman Fighter”, caused anger among the net for misusing the image of Monika. 

YouTube channel The Choom recently published a teaser for the Mnet show “Be Mbitious”, which serves to recruit solo dancers for the upcoming “Street Man Fighter”. This teaser showed intense dance battles as well as a heated atmosphere, with “No Respect” votes being thrown towards idols and unprofessional dancers. 


However, at the very final moment, Monika, a participant of “Street Woman Fighter”, suddenly appeared just as a competitor said: “Since that one is no a professional, this result is totally “ping”. 


Monika was shown to make an annoyed expression at this very moment, and the reason had to do with a previous controversy surrounding this female dancer. In particular, when she showed up in variety show “Knowing Brothers”, Monika explained about the differences between the terms “popping” and “poppin”, which drew ire from the professional dancer world. Many people were arguing about the accuracy of Monika’s words, and over 100 dancers started to “cyberbully” the female dancer by leaving malicious comments under Monika’s Instagram. However, her words turned out to be true, and under intense pressure from netizens, these dancers, who are mostly male, ended up apologizing to Monika

Thus, the blatant use of Monika’s issue in the new show greatly irked fans of the female dancer and netizens alike. 

However, it’s still important to note that the teaser may be another case of evil edit by Mnet, instead of being a true footage. 


Some comments from netizens: 

  1. As expected of Mnet 
  2. Pissed me off, I’m not watching this show
  3. All of this just for drama…
  4. What did Monika say? What about the participant? Who exactly is “that one” according to the participant? If Mnet really did this for the views I won’t be able to hold myself back.  
  5. Another trick by Msnake to draw attention to their show. 
  6. Mnet is truly garbage
  7. This show is a no for me
  8. Is it necessary to do this kind of editing? The only ones who will get hurt are the ones on the show. All of this just for the raings?
  9. Mnet is truly the most evil of them all
  10. Urgh the show hasn’t even started and there’s already drama.. Goodbye. 
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