The actor of “Crash Landing on You” was exposed for having a bad attitude towards Seohyun (SNSD)

During the filming together, Kim Jung Hyun did a lot of rude actions towards Seohyun (SNSD)?

Actor Kim Jung Hyun is currently attracting a lot of attention when he has just been exposed to his co-star in “Crash Landing On You”, Seo Ji Hye. 

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The “Crash Landing On You” cnding On You” couple

After that, the actor became involved in controversy related to the contract with the former management company.  And today, he is exposed for having a bad attitude towards Seohyun (SNSD) when the two filmed the drama ‘Time’ in 2017. This news is currently at the hottest position on Dispatch.

According to a media outlet, Kim Jung Hyun had an uncomfortable relationship with the actress throughout the shoot and even lowered the atmosphere on the set. One staff member said, “Even though there was a planned framework in the first place, Kim Jung Hyun was very sensitive about the actress and her love spirit and asked to minimize the skinship.”

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It is said that the writer also had a hard time asking for a revision of the script several times. A staff member who was in charge of Seohyun said, “Seohyun cried a lot at the set, Kim Jung Hyun always avoided her and had an unpleasant attitude. Once, after touching Seohyun’s hand and right after the director shouted ‘cut’, Kim Jung Hyun very roughly wiped his hands with wet towels. It might have been a misunderstanding, but Seohyun saw it and burst into tears on set.”

At that time, Kim Jung Hyun apologized to Seohyun through the agency’s representative, but he still did not change his actions and attitudes. At the peak, during the press conference, the actor clearly expressed an annoyance towards Seohyun. The actor kept avoiding Seohyun and refused to hold the female idol’s hand. A best friend of SNSD’s maknae revealed that due to Kim Jung Hyun’s bad attitude, the film’s commercial photographer had to pictures of each actor instead of each couple.

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Immediately after Kim Jung Hyun’s rude actions were was exposed, Seohyun made her first move. On the personal page, the youngest member of SNSD wrote: “My love, thank you and love everyone”. But Seohyun’s tired image made fans extremely worried.

Source: Dispatch

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