Idol-Actress Returns with Karina-like Visuals after Drunk-driving Scandal 

An idol-actress revealed a significantly changed appearance after drunk-driving scandal, now looking like aespa’s Karina.

On May 15, former After School member and actress Lizzy published a video on her social media along with the message, “It’s Teacher’s Day, so I contacted my teacher. Did you all contact your teachers? Make sure to reach out to them. And enjoy your meal”.

In the released video, Lizzy can be seen smiling brightly with her face close to the camera. Particularly notable is her mature and sophisticated beauty, which is a stark contrast to the cute and charming image she had during her time with After School, catching the viewers’ attention.


Additionally, Lizzy’s current visuals bear strong resemblances to aespa’s Karina, drawing massive attention. 

On the other hand, previously in May 2021, Lizzy was fined 15 million KRW (approx 11,000 USD) for driving under the influence and colliding with a taxi near the southern intersection of Yeongdong Bridge in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu.

Although her blood alcohol level was high enough to warrant license cancellation, there were no casualties, including Lizzy and the taxi driver. Following this incident, she halted her activities and went into self-reflection.

Source: Nate

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