TWICE shares hope on livestream to celebrate 6th anniversary: “Let’s be together for a long time”

TWICE successfully finished the live broadcast to celebrate the 6th anniversary and expressed their unwavering love for fans.

On October 20, TWICE met domestic and foreign fans through the online event “TWICE 6th Anniversary: H6ME PARTY with 6NCE” on their official Naver V LIVE and YouTube channel at 9 PM.

This broadcast was conducted with a total of 6 chapters for 66 minutes with the concept “TWICE’s sincerity about number 6”. Each member dressed up based on themes that contain “yuk” (“6” in Korean) such as mother & baby, carnivorous dinosaur, spicy beef soup, cactus, muscle, hexagon and ISAC as well as enjoyed a pleasant home party with ONCE around the world.


Through various corners such as “6terview” (answer questions in 6 letters), “6 flavors” (compares the 6 years spent with TWICE to flavors) and “6 quizzes? The sixth sense match!” (show off 6 years of teamwork), the girl group shared episodes and memories that had never been revealed before. In the “From 6NCE” corner where 9 members directly read the letters sent from ONCEs, they generously expressed their affection towards fans, which touched everyone’s heart.

In particular, the unreleased song “CANDY” in the 3rd full album “Formula of Love: O+T=<3” drew enthusiastic responses. 9 girls expressed their sweet hearts and sincerity to fans who have been sending them love and support for a long time through “CANDY”, a fan-song which reminded of TWICE’s official lightstick “CandyBong“.


The members said, “Looking back on the path we walked, we think of ONCEs a lot. We sincerely thank ONCEs for staying by our side for 6 years. We hope that you gain energy through us and always be happy. Thank you for always being there, and we hope that TWICE and ONCEs can be together in the same space on the 7th anniversary. Let’s be together for a long time.”

To celebrate their 6th anniversary, TWICE will hold a special week for 5 days from October 18. They plan to create precious memories with fans around the world through sincere contents and fan-participatory events, including letters and videos to fans.

In addition, TWICE will continue to be active in both Korea and abroad in the second half of 2021. The 3rd full album “Formula of Love: O+T=<3” will be released on November 12, and the new single “Doughnut” will come out in Japan on December 15. The 4th tour announced through the music video for the first English single “The Feels”, which was released simultaneously worldwide on October 1, is also attracting interest and anticipation from global fans. 

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