Kim Go-eun Recalls Her Childhood In China, “Parents Didn’t Let Me Speak Chinese At Home”

Actress Kim Go-eun met with PD Na Young-seok and talked about spending 10 years in China when she was young

On February 21st, the YouTube channel “channel fullmoon” uploaded a new video featuring Kim Go-eun and Yoo Hae-jin, the two actors who appear in the film “Exhuma”.

That day, PD Na Young-seok (Na PD) asked Kim Go-eun, “One of the famous stories about you is that you had no choice but to live in China for a long time when you were young. I heard it was a rural village in China. Can you tell me more about it?”

kim go eun

In response, Kim Go-eun said, “I went there when I was 4 and returned to Korea when I was 14”. Na PD reacted, “Then you were a foreigner until you turned 14”. Kim Go-eun said, “ My Korean was like this”, then explained how she couldn’t speak Korean well back then.

The actress later continued, “However, my mom and dad didn’t allow me to speak Chinese at home at that time”, adding “There were videos of Korean entertainment programs and dramas in China. I watched ‘Nonstop’”.

Yoo Hae-jin said, “It must have been more comfortable for you to speak Chinese at that time”. Kim Go-eun agreed, saying “I lived in an area where there were no foreigners”.

Yoo Hae-jin then asked, “Do you still remember Chinese? If you go to China now, it won’t be difficult for you to live there, right?”. Kim Go-eun replied, “No, I will keep stuttering. I’ve forgotten a lot of words. I can speak with a little stuttering, but I can’t think of any words when I’m in a hurry”.

Source: Naver

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