“Get out of my life”…Former T-ARA Han Ah-reum and Young-gul eventually divorced

Ah-reum (Han Ah-reum), a former member of the group T-ARA, left an ambiguous message.

On Jun 3rd, Han Ah-reum posted a photo on her Instagram Story with the caption “I’m sick of everything.

In the posted photo, Han Ah-reum revealed a part of a book which says, ‘If someone makes a mistake to you, I want you to think like this. The first time is ‘This can happen,‘. The second time is, ‘What’s wrong with them?’. And the third time should be ‘Get out of my life.’

Han Ah-reum then wrote, “I’m sick of everything,” adding, “The future might be unclear, but I can get up again and make it.” Han Ah-reum then uploaded a photo of actress Ko Jun-hee, who is famous for her short hair, saying, “Should I cut my hair?

Han Ah-reum is currently starring in the original TVing “Between Marriage and Divorce.” She failed to narrow the conflict with her husband, causing regret, and recently announced her position to sue her haters.

Meanwhile, Han Ah-reum debuted with her T-ARA mini album “DAY BY DAY” in 2012.

Source: nate

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