The most watched music videos in 2022?… BTS and BLACKPINK stand out

The fandom data research institute “K-pop Radar” revealed the “2022 top 10 music videos” by boy groups, girl groups, solo artists and overall.

According to the “2022 top 10 music videos (Jan 1st to Dec 15th, 2022) recently announced by “K-pop Radar”, BTS and BLACKPINK‘s performances are outstanding.

First of all, BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” topped the list with 470 million views, showing an overwhelming figure with a difference of about 90 million views from the second place.

The second place was singer Psy’s “That That”, in which BTS Suga participated, with 380 million views.

No.3 was BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down”. In this “2022 overall top 10 music videos”, girl groups and solo artists from girl groups such as BLACKPINK, (G)I-DLE, IVE and TWICE Nayeon occupied most of the rankings, making it feel like 2022 was a year of girl groups.

BTS showed strength not only as a complete group but also in solo activities. Psy’s “That That” featuring Suga took first place and J-Hope’s “MORE” ranked fourth with 61 million views.

Jin’s “The Astronaut” ranked sixth with 52 million views. J-Hope’s “Arson” ranked ninth with 39 million views. Crush’s “Rush Hour” featuring J-Hope ranked tenth with 36 million views. In particular, J-Hope showed dignity by ranking fourth, ninth and tenth.

Besides, female solo artists also stood out as Nayeon and Jessi ranked second and third while Sunmi ranked fifth.

◆ 2022 top 10 music videos by boy groups (Cumulative views)

BTS’ “Yet To Come” firmly maintained its No.1 spot with 170 million views. It was followed by Stray Kids‘ “MANIAC” (150 million views) and Treasure’s “JIKJIN” (110 million views).

top10 mv 2022

NCT 127 ranked fifth with “2 Baddies”, while NCT DREAM ranked sixth and eighth with “Glitch Mode” and “Beatbox”.

Among them, the music video for Big Bang‘s “Still Life” recorded about 77 million views and took 7th place, proving Big Bang’s unchanging popularity and influence.

In addition, global groups such as Stray Kids and TXT were also included in the rankings.

◆ 2022 top 10 music videos by girl groups (Cumulative views)

BLACKPINK, who is writing a new history for K-pop girl groups, ranked first and second with MV “Pink Venom” (470 million views) and MV “Shut Down” (280 million views).

(G)I-DLE‘s “TOMBOY”, which caused a sensation earlier this year, settled in third place with 190 million views.

top10 mv 2022

IVE‘s “LOVE DIVE” and “After Like” ranked fourth and fifth, respectively. In addition, Kep1er and LE SSERAFIM, which are attracting attention as “4th-generation girl groups” alongside IVE, were also included in the rankings.

Top global girl groups such as ITZY and TWICE also made their names on the list.

Source: Asia Today

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