Jungkook (BTS) became the most successful young idol in Kpop: ‘It will be difficult to find another maknae who can beat him!’

  At a very young age, Jungkook already got himself a great number of impressive achievements that make many people look up to.

  On November 25, the Recording Academy announced the Grammy nominations via a live broadcast.  In particular, BTS officially received a nomination in the category ‘Best Pop Duo / Group Performance’ for the song ‘Dynamite’.

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  By receiving the first Grammy nomination in their career, BTS is not only the first Kpop idol group to get this achievement but also the first Kpop artist to bring national pride. It is also for this reason that since the Grammy announced the nomination until now, Korean netizens are still excited and have been praising the golden group of Big Hit Entertainment nonstop.

  Among the topics related to BTS and Grammy that were trending on Theqoo, there was a post that attracted more than 1,200 comments.  This post is about Jungkook, calling him ‘the most successful young idol in Kpop history’.

 Until now, Jungkook’s famous nickname is ‘Golden Maknae’ because the male idol is young but extremely talented, from singing, dancing, composing to painting, playing sports,… In any field, Jungkook can do it and do it well.  However, this title ‘golden maknae’ may not only be used internally within BTS fandom, or among idol groups in general, but from now on it will become a special title in Kpop history.

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  Specifically, the post pointed out that alongside BTS members, Jungkook has got himself extremely valuable achievements, that it is difficult for the industry to see any young idols achieving the same as Jungkook. Below are the achievements that Knetz have listed according to Jungkook’s age (Korean age):

17 years old: Won Rookie of the Year.

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 18 years old: Won the Global Rookie award.

  Age 19: Got the first music show win.

  Age 20: Won the first Daesang.

  Age 21: Performed at the Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Awards.

  Age 22: No.1 Billboard 200 + Appeared to make a speech at the United Nations General Assembly + Youngest person ever received the Medal of Korean Culture

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  Age 23: No.1 Billboard 200 Again + Appeared at Grammy and invited to the awards committee of the Academy + All-kill Daesang.

  Age 24: 3 times to top No.1 Billboard Hot 100 + Received Grammy nomination

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Just looking at this list of achievements, people feel extremely impressed and suddenly realize that Jungkook got all these things at the age of 24 (international age is only 23).  Whether you are a fan of the group or not, Korean netizens still feel that what BTS’s golden maknae has achieved is extremely impressive.

  In addition to the compliments, many Knet think that Jungkook is ‘the most successful young idol in Kpop’.  Others think that it will take a long time to find a young idol or a maknae of any group who is capable of “beating” Jungkook’s long track record.

  – Congratulations Jungkook !!

  – I’m very proud of BTS’s maknae.

  – He is truly the Golden Maknae of Kpop music industry.

  – Wow, looking back, he’s only 24 years old. Congratulations Jungkook !!

  – It sounds like we’re over bragging about him, but in fact, he is indeed the youngest and most successful idol in Kpop, and I’m afraid that no one will ever beat him.

  – It is very difficult to find another young idol as successful as Jungkook.  He is one and only in Kpop.

  – Young, rich and handsome. He also sings well, dances well, composes well.  Everything about him is amazing.

  – He is the prince of his times. He deserves all of the success.  Seriously, he’s the most talented person I’ve ever seen… It’s like Jungkook can do anything.

  – His career is brilliant when he’s only 24 years old. So I look forward to seeing more in his future.

  – How amazing is it? I hope he will have even more success in the future.

  – Well… Even after 10 years since debut, he’s still gonna be in his twenties.

  – Only 24 years old but his singing career is already legendary.

  Some of Knetz comments on Theqoo:

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