K-drama stars in Kpop MVs: Lee Min Ho kissed 50 times, Park Bo Young still single due to her role?

These actors and actresses not only win over the audience’s heart in K-dramas, but also through famous Kpop MVs. 

Park Min Young – Haru Haru (BIGBANG)

One of the most “legendary” appearances of K-drama actors in Kpop is undoubtedly Park Min Young, who starred in the 2008 BIGBANG MV “Haru Haru”. At the time, Park Min Young wasn’t considered a popular name, but her outstanding visual and professional acting skills manage to make quite the deep impression.

Song Ji Hyo – In Heaven (JYJ)

JYJ’s MV for their song “Heaven” used to be all the rage among Kpop fans after its release in September 2011. In this MV, Junsu and Song Ji Hyo play a once happy couple, who broke apart due to negligence on Junsu’s part. The sad ending and Song Ji Hyo’s emotional delivery made a lot of viewers burst into tears. 

Lee Jong Suk – I Don’t Care (2NE1)

Many fans of Lee Jong Suk may not know about his appearance in the 2009 2NE1 MV “I Don’t Care”. 12 years ago, Lee Jong Suk was a model who has yet to make his acting debut, and so his appearance may have slipped the minds of his future fans. 

Seo Ye Ji – Let’s Not Fall In Love (BIGBANG)

It seems that BIGBANG worked with a lot of gorgeous and famous actresses, as after Park Min Young, Seo Ye Ji appeared in “Let’s Not Fall In Love”, another MV of them. Later on, when Seo Ye Ji became a household name after her role in “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”, many people were shocked to discover the actress’ MV appearance, and spared her countless praise.  

Lee Min Ho – Kiss (Dara)

Released in 2009, 2NE1’s MV for “Kiss” features Lee Min Ho, who was among the hottest names of the year thanks to his appearance in “Boys Over Flowers”. Old Kpop fans would likely remember the “playboy” image of Lee Min Ho in this video, as well as the sweet kiss between the actor and Dara. Interestingly, this kissing scene was actually filmed over 50 times to get the best emotions. 

Lee Soo Hyuk – Falling In Love (2NE1)

Before he became a star actor, Lee Soo Hyuk used to gain huge recognition as a model. In the 2013 2NE1 MV “Falling In Love”, he played the love interest of all 4 2NE1 members, gaining ample attention for his stunning visuals. Now, Lee Soo Hyuk is a well-known actor, who is often nicknamed a “handsome vampire” due to his sharp and surreal facial features. 

Song Joong Ki – Happen (Heize)

In 2012, Song Joong Ki starred in Kim Jong Kook’s MV for “Men Are All Like That”, but netizens mostly talk about his appearance in the Heize MV “Happen”, after the actor has gained popularity. According to Song Joong Ki, the actor is a loyal fan of Heize, and is extremely fond of her musical releases. 

Kim Yoo Jung – Return (Lee Seung Gi), Begin Again (Kim Jae Hwan)

In 2012, Kim Yoo Jung appeared in Lee Seung Gi’s MV for “Return”, becoming the talk of town for her innocent and bright visuals. 7 years later at the age of 20, she was featured in Kim Jae Hwan’s MV for “Begin Again”, this time boasting a more mature appearance. One thing remains the same though: Kim Yoo Jung’s smile is as enchanting as ever, brightening up the day and swaying the audience’s heart.

Ha Ji Won – Love Story (Bi Rain)

As the star of “Secret Garden” and “Empress Ki”, Ha Ji Won appeared in Bi Rain’s MV for “Love Story”, and turned a lot of eyes onto the track. The MV follows the story of a bodyguard who falls in love with the young lady he protects, and yet later becomes materialistic and gives up his love for wealth. It can be said that Ha Ji Won’s acting plays a crucial role in the MV’s success, as the actress brought the MV’s story to life. 

Park Bo Young – Fiction (BEAST)

Park Bo Young is an extremely familiar name to K-drama lovers, and is known for staying a bachelorette for all of her career. Seeing this, many Korean netizens joked that this is due to Park Bo Young’s trauma after starring in a music video, and the MV in question is “Fiction” from BEAST (now known as HIGHLIGHT). In particular, “Fiction” featured an extremely moving and deep love story, which ended as a total tragedy, leading to people jokingly “blaming” it for Park Bo Young’s single status in her 30s.

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