“Alice in Borderland” star announced pregnancy and marriage after 5 years of dating 

Actress Tao Tsuchiya and singer-actor Ryota Katayose, who is a member of “Generations from the Exile Tribe”, is going to tie the knot after dating for 5 years. 

Tsuchiya Tao

On January 1st, the top-star couple directly announced the news of their marriage and pregnancy through their personal Instagram.

In particular, Ryota Katayose wrote, “We, Ryota Katayose and Tao Tsuchiya are getting married. Since we first met, during all these years, we have continued to help and support each other with much respect, stimulating each other throughout various milestones as individual artists.”.

Katayose Ryota

He also added that at the end of last year, he and Tao Tsuchiya “are blessed that a new life has been brought” to them, and as such, as making preparations for their marriage. 

At the same time, Ryota Katayose expressed his gratitude to fans, saying, “We would be very grateful if you would kindly support and continue to watch over us. Thank you very much.”

Katayose Ryota

Meanwhile, Tao Tsuchiya, born in 1995, and Ryota Katayose, born in 1994, respectively, formed a relationship while appearing in the live action “Ani ni aisaresugite komattemasu” (literal translation: “My Brother Loves Me Too Much”). They started dating in 2017. 

Tao Tsuchiya made her name known internationally by appearing in the Netflix drama “Alice in Borderland”. She previously gained attention via various movies and dramas such as “Rurouni Kenshin”, “Orange”, “The Cinderella Addiction”, and “Kasane”. 

Meanwhile, Ryota Katayose is a member of vocal group “Generations from the Exile Tribe”. He has also appeared in various acting projects such as “Come Kiss Me At 0:00 AM”, “Mr. Hiiragi’s Homeroom”, “Prayers in the Emergency Room”, and “Prince of Legend”. 

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