Behind-the-scenes of DiCaprio and Margot Robbie’s 17-hour bed scene in “The Wolf of Wall Street”  

Hollywood acress Margot Robbie gave a glimpse into the “untold stories” of filming for “The Wolf of Wall Street.” 

On February 6th (local time), the British media “The Daily Star” reported a behind-the-scenes look at Margot Robbie’s experience from working on the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” that helped her to do the “party” scenes in “Babylon” on the radio talk show “Fitzy and Wippa.” 

DiCaprio Margot Robbie

In recalling the filming for the nude scenes, Margot Robbie revealed interesting and untold stories on set. She said there was a room for “pubic wig” or “wig for genitalia” on the set of “The Wolf of Wall Street.” 

In recording for the explicit scenes, Margot Robbie also revealed that DiCaprio spent a jaw-dropping amount of time (17 hours) to film the scenes. While the thought of making out with a celebrity such as DiCaprio is exciting, Margot actually revealed that in reality, filming the scenes was difficult because there were a crew of staff of 30 people, all men, looking at her; hence, it was hard to get undressed and do the scenes without any inhibition. 

Margot Robbie

Meanwhile, the sex scenes was reported to have been edited by the director to “downgrade” the movie. 

Source: insight

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