Kim Se Jeong Talks Love for IU, Current Hobby, Mentions TWICE Jihyo, and More 

Kim Se Jeong recently appeared on ‘Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon’ to promote her new solo album.

On September 6th, Kim Se Jeong introduced her new solo album and shared different stories on MBC FM4U’s radio show ‘Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon’.

DJ Kim Shin Young said, “Last Monday was Se Jeong’s birthday. Happy birthday. Isn’t it a pity not to have a birthday party when it coincides with the album preparation period?” Kim Se Jeong replied, “I was really disappointed. I couldn’t have a birthday party, and normally, if it’s your birthday, you can at least have a drink. But I couldn’t even do that because I was preparing the album.”

Kim Se Jeong Talks Love for IU

Kim Shin Young then asked, “As a rising star, you must have received many congratulatory messages. Who was the first one to congratulate you?” Kim Se Jeong answered, “It was the company staff,” and humbly added, “I don’t think I’m a rising star as much as people think.”

In response to a listener’s question about her close friend Jihyo from TWICE, Kim Se Jeong shared, “Jihyo didn’t know that I was releasing an album that day. She texted me after watching the MV. She asked, ‘Did your album come out? The song is really good,’ and congratulated me belatedly.”

When Kim Shin Young asked if Se Jeong wanted to become closer to a senior artist she admired, Se Jeong said, “I really like IU. However, while I’d like to have a meal with her, I don’t want to become too close because I would get too nervous. The closer I get, the more likely I am to make mistakes.

Kim Se Jeong Talks Love for IU

Kim Se Jeong revealed, “Before my debut, I organized IU’s life story as a university assignment. I’ve been a big fan of hers for a long time. As part of a university assignment, we had to organize the life story of our role model or the singer we admire and submit it as a PowerPoint presentation, and I chose IU.

When Kim Shin Young mentioned that Se Jeong recently finished recording for IU’s YouTube show ‘Palette’, Se Jeong expressed her excitement, “I finally met her.” Kim Shin Young added, “I heard you released your album to appear on IU’s Palette,” to which Se Jeong responded, “It’s almost like that.” 

Kim Se Jeong also revealed, “I don’t have many hobbies, so my hobby these days became composing.” 

Source: Daum.

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