Top Singer And Actress Announced She Is Living In The Mountains, Jeon Hyun-moo “I’m scared to death”

Nam Gyu-ri will appear in the upcoming episode of 'Strong Heart VS'.

The upcoming episode of SBS’ “Strong Heart VS,” which will air on Apr. 16, will feature Nam Gyu-ri, Lee Hong-ki, Jo Kwon, Jung Rang, and Yoon Soo-hyun as guests.

In particular, singer and actress Nam Gyu-ri made an announcement on her living in the mountains drew attention. Nam Gyu-ri shared, “I live in the mountains. In fact, I love magpies so much,” recalling when she saw magpies, “The magpie was standing like this. The baby of the magpie’s baby.”

nam gyu ri

At the same time, Jeon Hyun-moo said, “I would be scared to death,” and Lee Hong-ki responded, “Isn’t it a horror special?” drawing questions about next week’s broadcast.

Meanwhile, Nam Gyu-ri released her new single “I’m In Love With You” on April 8th.

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