ILLIT’s Fandom Name Criticized by NMIXX and BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Fans? 

HYBE girl group ILLIT recently announced their official fandom name, only for it to come under fire from netizens. 

On April 22, the fandom of girl group ILLIT was announced to be”LILLY”. The name, inspired by the flower “Lily”, was said to be meaningful.

However, this announcement has soon come under fire from fans of girl group NMIXX as well as from fans of BLACKPINK’s Lisa. In particular, NMIXX fans were frustrated to see another girl group using a fandom name that resembles Lily – a NMIXX member. 

Meanwhile, Lisa fans pointed out that they have referred to themselves as “Lilies” for a really long time, so it’s inappropriate for another artist to use a similar name for their fandom. 

On Korean forums such as “theqoo”, various topics related to this controversy have been garnering rapid attention. Below are some comments from these topics:

  • Do they not know that there’s a Lily in NMIXX? Why would they name their fandom LILLY? 
  • Is HYBE living in their own world? It is impossible for them not to know about NMIXX. Is this a marketing ploy? 
  • HYBE is really taking things too far 
  • Lisa has a lot of international fans, so using a similar fandom name to Lisa’s fans are just an odd move 
  • “Lilies” is just an unofficial name so they shouldn’t kick up a fuse about it…
  • The company is just shit at their job…

Source: theqoo (1) (2)

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