An idol-turned-actress is being praised for strong comeback, 7 years after her previous hit drama 

This idol-turned-actress is drawing major attention with her return in a fantasy, rom-com, and mystery drama.

“Delivery Man” is ENA’s Wednesday and Thursday drama that has recently been aired. The drama series stars Yoon Chan Young, a former Korean drama child actor who gained wider popularity with “All of Us Are Dead”, and Bang Min Ah, who steals the spotlight with her performance in the series. 

bang min ah

In “Delivery Man,” Bang Min Ah plays Kang Ji Hyun, a ghost who lost her memory and accidentally found a young taxi driver Young min (Yoon Chan Young), who happens to have the ability to see ghosts. From that point onwards, Ji Hyun attracts a lot of other ghosts to his taxi service. Taking advantage of the situation, the duo decide to open a service to grant the deceased their last wishes. While Ji Hyun might appear not knowing what to do most of the time, she is actually very knowledgeable in legal issues and can be extremely smart when needed. 

bang min ah
taxi ghost

Bang Min Ah delivers a wonderful performance in the drama, despite being an idol-turned-actress. The audience hopes that she can gain more fame and popularity out of this role, continuing the success of “Beautiful Gong Shim” from 7 years ago. While “Delivery Man” still needs more time to establish itself, Bang Min Ah has finally found a role where she can showcase her talent. 

bang min ah

Bang Min Ah was born in 1993 and was a member of Girl’s Day. She has versatile acting skills and diverse filmography. She always challenges herself and renews her image with every role she takes. Some of her notable works include “Snowball,” “Beautiful Gong Shim,” “My Absolute Boyfriend.” 

Source: k14

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