Rosé Asked if She Knows BLACKPINK by Foreigners? Happiest Memory is Coachella

Rosé of BLACKPINK reveals her unforgettable moments in life, motto, current interest, and more in a recent interview. 

In the Spring 2024 of fashion magazine Dazed Korea, BLACKPINK’s Rosé not only caused a sensation with her unusual appearance that captivated with her beauty and charm, but also revealed various intriguing facts about herself. 

Asked if she knows BLACKPINK

According to Rosé, she was really moved during the first world tour with BLACKPINK because  she could go to many different places. Meanwhile, the second tour also had many interesting memories, and Rosé took time to observe closely how people around the world live and my curiosity about the culture of different cities.


“Also, I can truly feel the differences between the 2 world tours during this period. It’s such a big development. I realized that K-pop was becoming more popular with the public wherever I go”, the female idol said. 

Rosé also mentioned being asked if she knows BLACKPINK when going out, to which she would respond, “Yeah, I like them too”. 

Coachella is the happiest memory 

When asked about an unforgettable memory, Rosé mentioned the Coachella stage during BLACKPINK’s first world tour. 

“It was a stage where I made countless memories with the members, and also one of the stages where everything was enjoyable. At Coachella, the time spent on stage was as rewarding as the world tour, and I learned a lot from the experience. At that time, when I looked at the member, I would automatically laugh. It was a very precious moment. To some extent, it was what I’ve always dreamed of, and it still feels like a dream”, the female idol confessed, adding, “I’ve always imagined how it would be like to perform at Coachella, so I worked harder for it. It remains as the happiest memory.”

A break to regain motivation

As a global idol with over 7 years of continuous activity, Rosé doesn’t hide that there are times when she loses inspiration and doesn’t have time to rest.

rose blackpink

She admitted, “I’m a workaholic so it’s hard for me to sit still. Also, I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I really wanted to be prepared for everything. It’s been 8 years since BLACKPINK debuted, and the members and I have been working hard during that time. Recently, I think a little rest might help me regain my motivation”. 

According to Rosé, to figure out what she likes, she needs to understand her preferences more deeply. 

“I think more recently that I need to really accept the things that I have to accept, even if it takes a while. After a short break, I should reduce my doubts about myself, trust myself more, and learn to wait for myself. Yes, I seem to be back to my original state as long as I wait a little. After sleeping, I seem to be able to recover physically. I am convinced that as long as I believe in myself and wait for myself, better results will come”, the BLACKPINK member added.

The biggest critic of herself

rose blackpink

Rosé also mentioned herself as her biggest critic. In particular, the female idol shared, “What I fear most is actually myself, and I also regard myself as the most important ‘audience’. Because I will also be someone’s fan, and I will be inspired by watching others create First of all, I treat myself as an ordinary listener and ordinary consumer and ask myself, ‘Do you want to listen to this?’, ‘Do you want to see this?’, ‘I want to buy this. ?’, ‘Is this so novel?’, and so on. If I think of myself as an ordinary listener, ‘If I like it, will many other listeners like me also like it?’” I will do this. I think.”

However, Rosé mentioned that she will give more consideration to her own feelings. “If I do something I like, I will do it only if I am interested in it. Of course, there will be some parts that I cannot take care of. That’s why I can find more fun in what I do”, she added.

Source: X, K14

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