“Former player” Kep1er Xiaoting, dance sports gold medal → Members shed tears

Kep1er Xiaoting won the gold medal in the women’s dance sports division at the “Idol Star Athletics Championships”.

The women’s dance sports competition was held at MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special” (hereinafter referred to as “ISAC”), which aired on Sep 9th.

NMIXX Sullyoon was the first runner. Sullyoon expressed her fresh excitement with the opposite sex through Rumba and Jive. The MCs who watched her performance admired, “It’s like watching an American dance ball.” However, Sullyoon received a disappointing score of 22.8 points.

Kwon Eun-bi then appeared in a black-red dress and performed Paso Doble and Jive. She showed challenging gestures and freely-changing facial expressions as much as her costume. Kwon Eun-bi decorated the ending with an advanced lift motion.

ISAC 2022

Aiki praised, “She made good use of her physique. She boasted her power that is comparable to that of men with cool movements. She has excellent space utilization.” Kwon Eun-bi scored 25.1 points, beating Sullyoon.

Billlie Tsuki prepared Cha Cha and Jive. Park Ji-eun, who watched her practice process, praised Tsuki’s body shape and Latin movement and raised expectations by saying, “I could see (Tsuki) becoming a dance sports player.”

ISAC 2022

As she said, Tsuki showed a variety of facial expressions and digested the fast movement of “hopping” without disruption. Aiki exclaimed, “It’s a player-level skill. She’s so good.” Tsuki scored 26.9 points, surpassing Kwon Eun-bi.

Finally, Kep1er Xiaoting came out. She is known to have worked as a standard player in China in the past. Xiaoting appeared dressed as Audrey Hepburn. She showed a flawless performance from high-level movements to costume changes.

ISAC 2022

Aiki gave a standing ovation, “This has to happen.” She added, “Her back muscles are alive. If you do dance sports for a long time, you can’t hide your back muscles. I thought it was the end of the game when she started doing Rumba. I felt relaxed from my toes and fingertips. Her career is still alive.” Xiaoting won the gold medal with the highest score of 29.2 points.

Billlie and Kep1er members, who watched Tsuki and Xiaoting’s practice process, shed tears and cheered for them.

Source: Daum

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