Min Hee-jin Lied about HYBE Not Responding to ILLIT – NewJeans Copying Issue? 

HYBE claimed to have already responded to the ILLIT - NewJeans copying issue raised by Min Hee-jin, unlike previous claims. 

According to TenAsia’s coverage on April 23, HYBE sent a lengthy response of 6 pages of A4 paper regarding the ILLIT – NewJeans copying suspicions raised by Min Hee-jin on the morning of the 22nd at 10 a.m (KST). 

Min Hee-jin is confirmed to have received this email, having even acknowledged it. 

min hee jin bang si hyuk

Previously, Min Hee-jin demanded HYBE to deliver its position on the raised issues by the 23rd, and HYBE sent the response on the 22nd, one day earlier than the deadline. This contradicts the official statement made by Min Hee-jin, stating, “Although I raised suspicions about the issue copying, I did not receive a response.”

Earlier, Min Hee-jin accused ILLIT of copying NewJeans, and pointed her finger at HYBE and Belift Lab, claiming that they “did not admit to the wrongdoing, rushed to make excuses, and delayed giving specific answers.”

On the other hand, in response to TenAsia’s inquiry about whether they received a response from HYBE, an official from ADOR said, “Please refer to the official statement we provided earlier.”

Earlier on the 22nd, Hive activated the right of appreciation for Representative Min Hee-jin and Adoer management. This is because Hive detected signs that Representative Min Hee-jin and Adoer were trying to separate from the headquarters. In response, Hive’s audit team began to recover Adoer’s computer assets and secure face-to-face testimonies. Hive plans to analyze the computer assets secured on that day and take legal action if necessary.

Source: TenAsia

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