5 Korean actors who change their lives thanks to supporting roles

It seems that supporting roles bring success to these actors.

In Korean dramas, each of the main and supporting characters has different roles and purposes. In particular, there are actors who become famous through supporting roles, even though they do not attract attention when they play the main roles.

Kim Min Kyu

Kim Min Kyu has been an actor for 9 years and has experienced many roles with both main and supporting roles. Kim Min Kyu once took on the male lead role in Queen: Love And War but did not achieve as much success as expected. Meanwhile, the actor’s supporting roles in Snowdrop, Backstreet Rookie and A Business Proposal quickly became popular.

Lee Soo Hyuk

Enter the film industry for many years, but in Lee Soo Hyuk‘s acting career, the actor’s number of supporting roles is more than the lead roles. And Lee Soo Hyuk‘s outstanding supporting roles in dramas such as Tomorrow, Sholar Who Walks The Nigh, and Doom At Your Service have left more impressions on the public than his main roles.

Woo Do Hwan

Woo Do Hwan once took on the main role in a drama that gathered an outstanding cast – The Great Seducer, but it did not achieve much success and the film also encountered many controversies. Meanwhile, TV series like Save Me or The King: Eternal Monarch, in which the actor plays supporting roles, have received much more attention.

Wi Ha Joon

Wi Ha Joon’s biggest role is undoubtedly his breakout performance as one of the supporting characters in Netflix’s global sensation Squid Game. Prior to Squid Game, he also gained attention from the audiences for taking on memorable second male lead roles in Romance Is A Bonus Book or 18 Again. However, when he landed a lead role in Bad And Crazy, the drama could not generate much buzz.

Yoo In Na

Compared to her lead roles, Yoo In Na is more famous for her charming presence in dramas where she stole the show as the second lead or side characters, such as in Goblin or Snowdrop. With her gorgeous visuals and good acting, Yoo In Na is never overshadowed by the main characters with more screen time.

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