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SHINee Key “Fight with Minho over a dishwasher… Film home appliance commercial together”

Key and Minho revealed that they filmed an advertisement for home appliances.

Lee Seok-hoon, Tei, SHINee Key and Minho appeared as guests on MBC’s “Radio Star“, which aired on Nov 9th.

Radio Star Key Minho

Regarding his “Tom and Jerry” chemistry with Minho, Key said, “We’re like that every day. Those who haven’t seen (our chemistry) must have wondered why (we fight). We come to each other’s house and nag a lot. We once fought over the dishwasher.”

Radio Star Key Minho

Key then revealed, “We shot an advertisement for a home appliance collection. In the CF, Minho said he doesn’t use dishwasher, so I told him, ‘Look at this. This device is great.’ He was like, ‘Really?'”

Ahn Young-mi pointed out, “Isn’t that what couples usually do?” Key self-evaluated, “Our chemistry wasn’t common.”

Source: daum

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