HYBE Executives Frequent Brothels and Shady Salons, Claimed Min Hee-jin 

A statement of Min Hee-jin regarding the shady activities of HYBE Executives have been making its way across SNS. 

On May 19, Min Hee-jin released an official statement for the first time after her press conference against HYBE and its founder Bang Si-hyuk. 

In this statement, Min Hee-jin mentioned that she thought about retiring entirely from the industry, and countered HYBE’s accusations that she met with Naver and Upbit to take ADOR from HYBE

“The truth was that I requested a 4-party meeting with myself, HYBE, and the two companies. It wasn’t my idea to meet them, and our conversation was personal and had nothing to do with investments”, the ADOR CEO insisted. 

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Additionally, Min Hee-jin then alleged that HYBE executives often take business partners to “room salons and 10% longues”, most of which can be considered high-end brothels.

In particular, the ADOR CEO said, “Even if I met with investors as the CEO of a company, is that so wrong? Will HYBE be as suspicious and scrutinize the executive of their other labels if they also meet with investors? Did you audit those who have, for multiple times, taken investors and business partners to room salons and 10% lounges?”

Source: Krb, theqoo

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