HyunA Came Under Fire Amid Recent News about Goo Hara and “Burning Sun”

As news about Goo Hara playing a core role in exposing the “Burning Sun” perpetrators came out, HyunA faced heavy criticisms.

Previously on May 19, a documentary unveiling never-seen-before footage and information related to the 2016 “Burning Sun” scandal was released by BBC. According to this documentary, the late Goo Hara utilized her connections to the perpetrators and played a core role in bringing them to light. 

As praise and sympathy heap in for Goo Hara, however, another female celebrity came under fire – and it’s none other than HyunA


In particular, HyunA is currently dating Yong Jun-hyung, even proudly boasting about her relationship with the former BEAST (also known as Highlight) member. Meanwhile, Yong Jun-hyung was involved in the “Burning Sun” scandal, though he claimed to never filmed any s*x video himself but was simply a bystander to his friends’ crimes. 

At the same time, texts in the “Burning Sun” chatroom revealed that perpetrators participated in various sexual crimes, from r*pe, drugging women, to non-consensual filming of s*xual intercourse. 

yong joon hyung

As a result, many people found men like Yong Jun-hyung to be repulsive, even though he did not directly participate. 

Currently, as HyunA is still in a happy relationship with Yong Jun-hyung, her SNS account is being filled with negative comments condemning her for dating such a man. 

“Did you watch the new documentary?”, “Your boyfriend was involved in that case”, “Are you not embarrassed? – messages such as these can be found all over HyunA’s SNS. 

Source: Krb, Instagram

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