BBC documentary exposes ugly brutality “The biggest celebrity in the chat group was megastar Seungri”

A documentary by BBC revealed the ugly brutality of "group chat room members" Seungri, Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon, who caused a social scandal with the "Burning Sun" incident in 2019

On May 19th, the YouTube channel “BBC News Korea” released a new documentary produced by the investigative team “BBC Eye” titled “Burning Sun: Exposing the secret K-pop chat groups”.

The documentary covers the story of journalists Park Hyo-sil and Kang Kyung-yoon, who investigated the sexual scandal involving famous K-pop stars.

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It details how the true nature of celebrities, who seemed untouchable, was uncovered and the role the journalists played in exposing the actions of the group chat room members.

Journalist Park Hyo-sil, who first reported Jung Joon-young’s illegal filming allegations in September 2016, revealed in the documentary that Jung Joon-young‘s ex-girlfriend was contacted by KBS’s lawyer and warned that she could face severe punishment for false accusations if evidence was insufficient. The victim, fearing this, withdrew her complaint against Jung Joon-young at the time.

Jung Joon-young did not submit his phone, the only key evidence, to the police but handed it over to a private forensic company instead. Journalist Park said, “The police requested a report from the forensic company instead of directly investigating the phone, thus conducting a perfunctory investigation to conclude the case.”

Unaware that a copy of his phone data existed, Jung Joon-young’s chat contents were leaked three years later.

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Journalist Kang Kyung-yoon, who obtained the KakaoTalk conversations exchanged by the members from 2015 to 2016, said, “Although the video of the female victim reported in 2016 was not there, there were numerous other videos taken by Jung Joon-young with other women, along with familiar faces.

Journalist Kang added, “When I think of those KakaoTalk messages, my heart still aches. I never imagined it would be so serious.

One video showed Jung Joon-young encouraging a woman to drink while touching her buttocks, with fellow singer Choi Jong-hoon beside him. Another participant filming this scene said “Jong-hoon, do it one more time. XX was so sexy. That kiss earlier“, to which Choi Jong-hoon laughingly replied, “I don’t want to.

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Journalist Kang Kyung-yoon noted, “Choi Jong-hoon was highly sexually driven like Jung Joon-young but was submissive in the power dynamics within the group. He rarely took the initiative, mostly following Seungri’s lead.

BBC explained, “The biggest celebrity in the chat group was megastar Seungri. He had become famous in the K-Pop supergroup Big Bang, and also had a solo career. Branding himself the Jay Gatsby of Korea, his party lifestyle was recorded in slick promo videos.”

Upon the release of the video, viewers expressed their outrage with comments like “It’s amazing they got out of prison“, “How are such scumbags not serving life sentences“, “They seem like psychopaths” and “It’s disgusting they still hold fan sign events.

The documentary will air as a series on the BBC News TV channel starting in June and is currently available in Korean on the BBC News Korea YouTube channel.

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