Gamer “Fat Cat” Suicide due to Gold-digger Girlfriend? Police Said Sister Lied about Everything

Recently, the police have provided detailed information about the “Fat Cat” suicide case, which previously stirred public attention.

According to the official information from the Nam’an District Police Department in Chongqing, China, on the morning of April 11, 21-year-old Liu (known as Fat Cat), from Linwu, Hunan, committed suicide by jumping into the Yangtze River in Chongqing, causing widespread grief among netizens.

At the time, Fat Cat’s sister claimed that her brother sent all of his money to his gold-digger girlfriend named “Zhu”, even to the point of starving himself to save money.


However, on May 3, the police received a report from Zhu (27, from Shizhu, Chongqing) about Liu’s sister (28, from Hunan), alleging that she had violated Zhu’s privacy. On May 5, Liu’s sister filed another complaint accusing Zhu of deceiving her brother.

After investigating according to legal procedures, the authorities provided the following detailed information about the case.

1. Relationship Between Fat Cat and Zhu

Through interviews with family and friends of both Zhu and Fat Cat, and collecting evidence, the nature of their relationship was confirmed.

Specifically, in November 2021, Fat Cat and Zhu met while playing online games. On December 24 of the same year, they confirmed their relationship. In March 2022, Fat Cat and Zhu traveled to Hunan, China, with Fat Cat’s sister and her boyfriend.


In early February 2023, after breaking up and reconciling, Zhu did not want a long-distance relationship and invited Fat Cat to live in Chongqing. By October of that year, Fat Cat moved to Chongqing and rented an apartment near Zhu’s house. From then on, they frequently dated.

In November 2023, Zhu publicly disclosed their relationship on WeChat. They planned to open a flower shop together, with Fat Cat investing 70,000 RMB (about 9,800 USD) and Zhu managing it. The shop opened in December that year.

On February 7, 2024, Zhu introduced Fat Cat to her parents, relatives, and friends as her boyfriend. Throughout their relationship, they broke up and reconciled multiple times.

On April 3 and 4, 2024, they argued again and discussed breaking up. On April 5, Zhu sent a WeChat message to Fat Cat suggesting they “take time to calm down and live their own lives.”

On April 10, Fat Cat messaged Zhu, “I will transfer money to you from Alipay”, to which Zhu replied, “Why are you transferring money?” and “You are still young, you need to use the money for yourself. Playing games for money cannot last long. You should save money for yourself and plan for yourself, don’t send money to me.”

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That night, Fat Cat transferred 66,666.66 RMB (about 9,400 USD) to Zhu via Alipay (considered a voluntary gift) and left a message on WeChat wishing Zhu to continue running the flower shop without his involvement, then blocked Zhu on Alipay.

In the early morning of April 11, Fat Cat sent a WeChat message to Zhu saying, “We are over,” and then jumped into the river. On April 23, the police recovered a male body from the Yangtze River. Through investigation and autopsy, identifying the evidence and the deceased, it was confirmed that the body was Fat Cat, ruling out a criminal case.

On May 3, Fat Cat’s relatives completed the necessary formalities with the police and proceeded with the cremation.

2. Financial Transactions Between Fat Cat and Zhu

After reviewing the transaction history between Fat Cat and Zhu, it was found that from November 2021, when they met online, until April 11, 2024, when Fat Cat committed suicide, he transferred money to Zhu 317 times, totaling over 799,000 RMB (approx. 112,000 USD).

Meanwhile, Zhu transferred money to Fat Cat and his relatives 179 times, totaling over 463,000 RMB (about 65,000 USD). This included over 297,000 RMB (about 41,000 USD) transferred to Fat Cat, 30,000 RMB (approx. 4,200 USD) to Fat Cat’s sister, and over 136,000 RMB (around 19,100 USD) to Fat Cat’s father. The money transferred to Fat Cat’s father included the 70,000 RMB invested in the flower shop and the 66,666.66 RMB transferred before Fat Cat’s suicide.


During their relationship, Fat Cat and Zhu opened a joint savings account on Alipay, allowing both to deposit and withdraw money at any time. From January 5, 2022, to April 8, 2024, Zhu deposited a total of 236,000 RMB (about 33,200 USD) and withdrew over 165,000 RMB (about 23,000 USD) for the flower shop, shared living expenses, and Zhu’s personal use. Fat Cat deposited over 173,000 RMB (about 24,000 USD) and withdrew over 248,000 RMB (about 34,900 USD).

They also had another joint bank account, from which Fat Cat withdrew an additional 75,000 RMB (about 10,500 USD), including Zhu’s deposit of 71,000 RMB (about 10,000 USD) and 4,000 RMB (about 500 USD) in interest.

The investigation showed that Zhu and Fat Cat had openly dated for over two years. They met each other’s family and friends and disclosed their relationship to some extent. They planned a future life together romantically. Zhu did not fabricate, conceal, or deceive Fat Cat for money, and thus does not constitute fraud.

On May 11, the police decided not to prosecute the case according to the law, informed Fat Cat’s sister of this decision, and notified her of her legal rights. The sister has since agreed with the decision not to prosecute. After mediation, Fat Cat’s parents and Zhu reached an agreement, and Zhu returned the remaining balance from their relationship to Fat Cat’s family.

It is revealed that after Fat Cat’s suicide, his sister went through the mobile phone he left behind and constantly published private information and chatlog between her brother and Zhu on SNS, leading to various misinformation against Zhu

In the end, Zhu became the target of public prosecution, even facing accusations of being a gold-digger and lesbian. 

Source: K14

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