“Lovely Runner” Filming Location Crowded by Tourists, Police Had to be Deployed 

A location where the hit K-drama “Lovely Runner” was filmed has become a “tourist attraction” to the point the police have to show up. 

As the K-drama “Lovely Runner” gains massive attention both in Korea and overseas, locations related to this drama have basically become “tourist destinations”. 

Particularly, the location where the houses of leading characters Im Sol and Seon-jae were filmed has become a viral “check-in” spot for both Korean youths and foreign visitors. It has even been reported that the number of people who come to the place became so crowded, police forces had to be deployed to maintain safety. 

lovely runner

According to those at the scene, most visitors came to this location to take photos and the queue is exceptionally long, mostly consisting of females aged 20 to 30 and tourists from South East Asia. 

On the other hand, “Lovely Runner” has become a sensation across the globe, with leading actors Kim Hye-yoon and Byun Woo-seok gaining massive attention. An OST from the series has even entered the Top 10 on Korea’s most popular music platform MelOn,

Source: K Crush

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