Han So-hee Ignored by International Media at Cannes, Stark Contrast with Yoona?

The incident of Han So-hee being ignored by Western photographers on the Cannes 2024 red carpet has become a hot topic.

On May 19, Girls’ Generation Yoona and Han So-hee walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival (Cannes 2024). Their appearances immediately caused a stir on social media. However, netizens quickly noticed the stark difference in how the Western media treated Han So-hee compared to her senior, Yoona.

In particular, Getty Images, one of the world’s largest sources for celebrity images at prestigious events, posted six photos of Yoona from various angles on the Cannes red carpet on May 6. In contrast, Han So-hee only had two back-view photos with her name tagged on Getty Images’ homepage. Even after the event ended, there were no updates on Han So-hee’s photos from the Cannes red carpet. Instead, close-up photos of the actress came primarily from Chinese and Korean media.

im yoon ah Getty Images
On Getty Images’ homepage, six photos of Yoona from all angles were posted…
han so hee-Getty Imag
…while Han So-hee had only two back-view photos, without showing her face.

Both attended Cannes as brand ambassadors, but the Western media treated Yoona and Han So-hee differently, sparking discussions among netizens. There were mixed opinions, with some netizens even mocking Han So-hee for being completely ignored at Cannes 2024.

According to Newsen, Han So-hee attended the prestigious film festival as the ambassador for the luxury jewelry brand Boucheron. The actress wore a glamorous white dress and sported a braided hairstyle. On social media, audiences praised Han So-hee for looking radiant like Snow White, sweet and graceful.

han so hee-Getty Images
Despite walking the 60-meter Cannes red carpet, Han So-hee was only featured in two back-view photos on Getty Images. It seems the actress was overlooked by the media at Cannes.
han so hee-lhp
Frontal and close-up images of Han So-hee at Cannes came from Chinese and Korean media. Without a film competing at the festival, Han So-hee walked the red carpet as Boucheron’s brand ambassador. 

Meanwhile, Yoona attended Cannes as the brand ambassador for the luxury jewelry brand QEELIN. On the red carpet, the idol-actress appeared sweet and feminine in a glamorous pink dress. However, her outfit drew mixed reactions. Some felt the pink dress made Yoona stand out on the Cannes red carpet, while others thought styling did not do Yoona’s visuals justice.

Source: Getty Images, K14

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