Kang Daniel “No other solution than to hold that person legally accountable + Proceed with the complaint with a heavy heart”

Singer Kang Daniel announced his official position on the criminal complaint against A, the major shareholder of his agency

On the afternoon of May 20th, Kang Daniel‘s legal representative, law firm Wooree, stated, “Our client Kang Daniel filed a criminal complaint with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on charges including forgery of private documents, embezzlement, breach of trust, information and communication network intrusion and fraud in the use of computers, etc. against the major shareholder of KONNECT Entertainment.

They continued, “For over the past five years, our client has been protecting the company as both CEO and artist. To minimize damage to affiliated artists, employees and third-party contractors who have trusted and followed him like family, he made considerable efforts for over a year before proceeding with the criminal complaint. However, he ultimately decided that there was no other solution than to hold that person legally accountable, and thus proceeded with the complaint with a heavy heart.”

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Regarding the charges of forgery and use of private documents, Kang Daniel’s side explained, “In December 2022, a prepayment distribution contract worth around 10 billion won was signed without our client’s knowledge by using the CEO’s name illegally and forging the corporate seal. Our client discovered this in January 2023. The contract was signed without the CEO’s approval or the artist’s consent. Despite numerous inquiries about the procedure and key details of the contract, no answers were received, and our client had to personally obtain bank transaction records to confirm the facts.”

On the embezzlement charge, they stated, “It was confirmed that at least 2 billion won was withdrawn from the company’s account through foreign remittances and business income processing methods without any proper procedures, such as the CEO’s approval, board resolutions or shareholder meetings.” Regarding the breach of trust charge, they added, “It was also found that tens of millions of won were spent using an anonymous corporate card and falsely recorded in the accounting books as expenses for our client’s props.

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On the charges of information and communication network intrusion and fraud in the use of computers, etc., they mentioned, “While verifying the company’s financial transactions, our client discovered that over 1.7 billion won had been withdrawn from his personal bank account without his knowledge.” They concluded by saying, “We thank those who are concerned about Kang Daniel’s suffering upon hearing the news. We will provide further statements once the investigative agencies thoroughly uncover the facts of the case.”

Meanwhile, the major shareholder A, who has been criminally charged by Kang Daniel, holds about 70% of KONNECT’s shares and is its de facto owner. KONNECT Entertainment includes artists such as Kang Daniel, Chancellor and Yuju. With Kang Daniel’s exclusive contract with KONNECT set to expire early next month, it seems he will naturally proceed with parting ways with the agency once the contract period ends.

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