Byul has never been thrilled with her husband Haha? Sunmi completely shocked

Singer Byul surprised Sunmi with a shocking remark about her marriage with “Running Man” cast member Haha. 

On January 12th, a new video titled “What’s the result of tarot cards that gave BYUL and HAHA goosebumps? (Show!terview with Sunmi)”, was published on the YouTube channel Mobidic.  Here, singer Byul appeared as a guest on “Show!terview with Sunmi”.

Byul Sunmi

In the video, Sunmi mentioned that she saw pictures of Byul’s 10th wedding anniversary on the latter’s Instagram feed, and asked, “Are you still thrilled when you see him?”.

Hearing this, Byul, who is married to “Running Man” member Haha, surprised everyone by answering, “Well… that’s no such thing… Never been thrilled in the first place. So you can’t say ‘Still’.” 

Byul Sunmi

Byul also mentioned that she has “never been thrilled with Haha”, adding, “And I didn’t get married because I was thrilled. We just got married. It’s not that we got married because we were madly in love. Just one thing led to another, we got married, and we love each other at the moment.”

Byul Sunmi

In response, Sunmi showed an astonished expression, before calling Byul “a weirdo” and apologizing. Meanwhile, Byul remained completely unbothered. 

 On the other hand, Byul married Haha in 2012 and gave birth to two sons and one daughter. 

Source: Nate

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