Lee Seung-gi will meet with doctors specializing in urology, hair loss and colon surgery on “Master in the House”

Three experts on urology, hair loss and colon surgery come to “Master in the House” as masters to dig up everything about the “Secret” disease.

SBS’s “Master in the House”, which is scheduled to broadcast on September 4th, will be the first entertainment program to deal with the so-called “Secret” disease, which many people don’t want to talk about in public. Accordingly, Hong Sung-woo, Han Sang-bo, and Im Ik-kang, who are specialists in urology, hair loss and colon surgery, will appear as masters. 

Hair transplant specialist Han Sang-bo transfer all the information he knows about hair loss to the cast and the viewers. His talk will include the self-diagnosis method that can easily be done at home and even the battle of truth over hair loss that will attract the attention of 10 million Korean people with hair loss. “Hair loss is hereditary”, master Han Sang-bo suggested the viewers watch the program with their family members.

Meanwhile, a serious talk continued at the filming site as the three specialists Hong Sung-woo, Han Sang-bo and Im Ik-kang mentioned the “Secret” disease. In particular, it is known that a cast member drew laughter as he gave up on reacting to the talk that was about sensitive topics. 

Source: daum

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