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Yang Se-chan Recalled Being MC for BTS V’s Fan Meeting, “I Thought He’d Exchange Numbers With Me”

Comedian Yang Se-chan was the MC of BTS V’s fan meeting

In the 677th episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” which aired on the 29th, Oh My Girl’s Mimi and (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon came as guests.

On this episode, Yang Se-chan said, “Haha introduced me up for an event,” explaining how he became the MC of V’s fan meeting. When Haha said, “V asked me to introduce him to a good MC,” Yang Se-chan confessed, “I thought we would exchange numbers after getting along at the fan meeting, but he just went home after the fan meeting.” He made the filming site of “Running Man” laugh.

Kim Jong-kook said, “That’s how it all starts. Jae-seok also started with my fan meeting,” he said, causing laughter.

When Ji Seok-jin said, “You should tell me, if I were 30, I would have done it (MCing),” Haha joked, “There was an age limit there.”

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