Former SNSD member Jessica showed determination in new pictorial for Chinese survival show

Jessica’s promotional pictorial for a Chinese audition show was finally unveiled. 

On May 25th, the Chinese broadcasting station Mango TV released new promotional photos for 30 participants in the new survival show “Sisters Who Make Waves.” This time, the side profiles of competitors were highlighted. 

Jessica Jung Chinese audition show

Former SNSD member Jessica Jung was among these 30 contestants, and in her photo, boasted long wavy hair, as well as her straight shoulder and sexy collarbone. The female idol also showed a determined expression that represented her resolute attitude in the competition. 

Jessica Jung Chinese audition show
Jessica was among the 30 contestants of Chinese survival show “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”.

Previously, Jessica appeared on the first episode of the 3rd season of Mango TV’s “Sisters Who Make Waves”, which aired on May 20th. “I have a unique voice and can dance to any extent”, the female idol confidently said, drawing attention. 

“Sisters Who Make Waves”, which has 3 seasons as of the moment, is a Chinese audition program which stars celebrities in their 30s, who compete to debut as a temporary girl group. Gillian Chung, who was an ex-girlfriend of Jessica’s current lover Tyler Kwon, also participated in the contest. 

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